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Sleeping in a hammock with a tarpaulin shelter is one of the most comfortable and freeing nights sleep ever. It is certainly recommend sleeping in a hammock, though probably not if you suffer from motion sickness!

At a glance



Price range

 Mid to high




 Packed: 30cm x 10cm

Hung: 270cm x 140cm


Set up time

 ~60 seconds

OCA Overall Rating

The Product

At just under 1kg it’s not the lightest of hammocks, but it is very durable and has strong attachment points for easy and fast set up. The DD Camping Hammock can hold up to 150kg and will comfortably sleep people up to a height of 6’5”.

Priced at £27.95 the DD Camping Hammock sits comfortably in the mid to high price range and this is reflected in the quality of the stitching and the material used for the hammock.

hammock packed size dimensions bag kitWhen coupled with a tarp, some paracord and pegs the whole setup can get quite bulky for a bag, so this probably isn’t ideal for a lightweight hammock setup. However, the complete setup is more compact and arguably more comfortable than a typical two man tent. Obviously, some privacy is compromised when camping in a hammock rather than a tent though this trade off will be true for any hammock setup.

A nice feature of this hammock is that it is dual layered with a double zip separating the two layers. While the DD Camping Hammock does not have a mesh mosquito net, the dual layer allows you to climb inside the two layers if You wish.

An alternate use of this dual layer is to slide a roll mat or thermarest inside and then sleep on top of that. This will add an extra layer underneath for some additional warmth and will up the comfort factor too. The thermarest also has the unexpected benefit of pulling the sides of the hammock out and forcing it to hold its shape more making it even easier to get in and out of.


Overall the DD Camping Hammock is very quick and easy to set up and an affordable price for the quality. A little on the heavy and bulky side, especially with a tarpaulin, paracord and some pegs, but is certainly something you can pack in lieu of a tent, or as an addition for a fun couple of nights.

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