As with all kit, waterproofs are no different when it comes to care. Looking after your kit is important so that your kit can look after you. Scared of washing your waterproof? Does waterproofing spray work? What is the best way to look after your waterproof?


When you get a new waterproof, any water should bead and falls from the jacket or material. If the water starts to soak in, settle on the fabric or starts to look wet then it is time to wash and dry your waterproof. In some cases, you may need to re-proof it afterwards too.


Yes, to look after your waterproof you need to get it wet. Inside and out. Although this seems counter-productive, it is actually good for your waterproof to be washed and dried correctly.

Always check the specific care guides for your product, but generally speaking they should all be washed. During use, mud, oils, grime and general dirt all build up on your waterproof and decreases its effectiveness. Washing will remove these from the material, and using something like Nikwax Tech Wash is ideal. Do not use biological soap when washing.


Make sure you check your product’s care guide carefully. Tumble drying will help redistribute the waterproof treatment over the material and it is during this stage that the initial performance will be returning to the waterproof. You shouldn’t need to tumble dry your waterproof after every wash, but it can help if the performance starts to fail.


After washing and drying, if your waterproof is still not up to scratch then it may be that it needs a new waterproof coat applying. There are plenty of sprays and products out there to reapply a waterproof coat with Nikwax TX.Direct Wash In considered to be a popular choice as it can be washed into your waterproof during the washing stage to make your life easier!

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